Fashion Styling: Understanding the Basics

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Lauren Hutton once said “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” With this statement, styling is not only an art but also a science.

In science, it is important to know and obey the principles of science. Understanding the 5 pillars of fashion styling will reduce the pressure of planning.

These 5 pillars are what our stylists keep in mind when creating the looks for the shoot. Getting the best shoot depends on your knowledge as the creative director and marketing manager.

Get the right Texture

The texture is often gotten from how you wear and layer your fabrics. Leather, Denim, heavy knits and other materials are important to create texture. These fabrics also add a bit of dimension to your photographs.

It is important to get your texture right in white and black photographs. Texture adds a bit of pop even without color.

Add the Right Colors

Color remains a major element for any fashion photoshoot. The mood of your portrait is often determined by your color pallet. This means to achieve the feel and look that you desire, you have to mix up the right colors.

Color blocking is a technique used by stylists to combine colors. Color blocking involves combining colors from the opposite ends on a color wheel. Color blocking will help create a classy and high-contrast effect.

A softer pallet can be also created using the same principle. All you need to do is to combine the different shades of a single neutral color.

You can use a pop of color to give life to a neutral outfit. For example, adding a bright red shoe can make a black dress look bold.

Styling with colors involves more than the outfits alone. Make-up, hair color, and your backdrop also affect your styling.

Style Layering

Style Layering involves fusing the three top fundamentals of fashion styling. The three fundamentals are well fused to form one cohesive attire.

It is important to mix different proportions and lengths of opposing colors. This is because opposite colors tend to attract each other on a color wheel. This gives a perfect layered look.

Besides dance shoots, there’s no way you would want to swim in an ocean of fabric. To avoid this issue, you will need to balance slim cuts with larger items. For example, you can use skinny plain jeans with a chunky-knit textured sweater.

Touch of Accessories

Accessories create a focal point and contrast. These attributes make accessories very important for a fashion photoshoot. Accessories give you a channel to express your personality.

Accessories will help make your basic outfit a bit more dynamic. Accessories will also draw attention and focus to certain areas. For example, a beautiful necklace may draw attention to the cleavage.

You can use Accessories as props in your fashion photoshoot. Placing an accessory such as a piece of jewelry or scarf can help reduce nervousness. Playing with the accessory can help your model feel a bit more relaxed.

Accessories are a great choice if you want to add variety to your photo shoot.

Add a bit of Personality

Preparing a photoshoot requires you to explore other areas of your personality. It’s important to use clothes that your model will feel comfortable wearing.

A photoshoot is also a chance to push yourself from your comfort zone. It is also an opportunity for you to express your ideas. You can style your models with the sky-high heels that others have dared to wear.

It is possible to use these sky-high heels as your models won’t do a lot of walking. And the heels will provide you with those killer legs in your shoot.


We always ensure that we look at every single detail for every part of the shoot. This allows us to create the best imaginable results.

We also believe that styling is your best tool to show your potential clients your knowledge. Nothing showcases your fashion sense better than styling.

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