Important Styles of Fashion Photography You Should Be Aware Of

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

Doesn’t this quote say it all? Fashion is truly all around us. You can see it everywhere, just like art. Something as ordinary as people talking in the street can exude style and inspire fashion trends. All it takes is a single person behind the camera lens to capture the moment and immortalize it in fashion photo production.

Capturing the beauty of models, apparel, and fashion accessories has revolutionized over time, so we have an abundance of different styles to draw inspiration from. Here are some of the most notable styles of fashion photography you should be aware of.

1. Editorial Photography – Fashion Magazines & Newspapers

Editorial fashion photography is all about styling and telling a story. It depicts models in different clothing pieces throughout the day, all connected by a single theme.

It’s all about the models telling a unique story of the clothes, and giving a statement that echoes right through the fashion magazine. Hair and makeup also play a big role, almost as big as the models’ facial expressions.

2. Street Fashion Photography – Everyday People as Models

Emphasizing trends in the real world, street fashion photography captures the vibe, spirit, and fashion essence of people in the street.

Whether they’re headed to a café, shopping for groceries, or going to work, it encapsulates their regular, day-to-day style. It captures their fashion statement and, together with all the life around them, turns photographs into art.

3. Catalog Photography – Retails & Shops

You can see catalog photography in basically any fashion catalog. There are catalogs that feature only products, but featuring a model wearing the products is incredibly more enticing.

During a catalog fashion photoshoot, products take center stage. Even the most intricate details are clearly visible, while styling takes second place. The photographer typically uses a white or grey background, unless the outdoors or any other real-world location could help sell the products faster.

4. High Fashion – Larger Than Life Fashion

At a high fashion photoshoot, everything’s exaggerated – styling, hair, makeup, lighting, clothes, accessories, poses, and even the location.

Since this glamorous photography style serves to showcase a designer’s unique style, voice, and creativity, it often breaks the rules of reality. The photographs, therefore, seem like shots from a fantasy world.

High fashion models are always supermodels or celebrities, such as actors, singers, TV personalities, and other influencers.


These four fashion photography styles are incredibly inspiring, and they continue evolving with each coming year. Fashion photographers draw inspiration from everyday life, art, nature, and many other areas to keep developing more mesmerizing aesthetics.

If you’re interested in a fashion photoshoot depicting these or any other styles, don’t hesitate to contact us. Elements Productions has a highly-skilled and experienced team of experts specialized in fashion photography and videography, so feel free to reach out anytime!

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